Working to make behavioral health access available to everyone.

Treasure yourself, Love others 

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Our managing director

Our managing director, Mr. Kim is a lifelong advocate and supporter of behavioral health services. He is a Registered Pharmacist and graduate of Masters of Business Administration. 

His highly successful chain of specialty behavioral health pharmacies are spread across the State of Hawaii. This success has provided a multitude of contacts, connections, friends and associates at every level of behavioral health care.  Meetings and conversations with these individuals led him to understand there are several gaps in behavioral health care and that with the rising tide of technology we could help fill those gaps. 

Working with industry leaders and top technology developers, Mr. Kim laid out a plan to bring cost effective and user-friendly services to the behavioral health community, serving both patients and providers.  TelePsycRX is the result of that plan and he continues to work towards expanding products and services that support the company mission. 

Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Dr. Gregory E. M. Yuen, MD - Psychiatrist, has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years. 

In that time, he has worked to integrate his formal Western medical training with his strong interest in alternative medicine to gain expertise in the areas of psychology, relationships, nutrition, body work, and Taichi. His lifelong goal is to use all of this experience to focus on the challenge of totally transform the level of health and happiness on the planet.


He remains dedicated to his own personal development and to sharing that growing insight and those creative resources with his patients. 

CEO &Lead Developer

Our Amanda of TelePsycRX CEO & lead developer worked as multiple start-ups before being recruited to lead the Dev/Ops for us at TelePsycRX. She has a passion for developing intuitive software and modules with the customer experience as her priority.  She has dedicated herself to building the best tools, options and widgets for our company, so you can get the care you need with a minimum of hassle. 


Also Amanda has seen first-hand the danger of not maintaining the solid and open communication needed for better mental health. For the past 20+ years, she has helped countless families draw closer together by teaching them new ways of expressing their own emotions and understanding the emotions of their family members. In her own words, her motivation was and is that

"Everyone deserves to be properly understood without the fear of being judged"

 As a sole proprietor, she operated as her own business, where she worked in the private homes

of her clients.

"I took very seriously the trust shown to me by my clients as I entered their homes.

With every new day, I strived for the finest excellence in response to their trust"

She is most active on her LinkedIn page, where she posts awareness and inspirational stories

from her own life and work. It is important to note that she still cherishes the trust of her former clients and protects their identities by changing or omitting their names from her posts. All being said, the goal she wishes to achieve is to

"always do what is best for others as well as for


Social Media Coordinator

A talented designer and marketing specialist, the Social Media Director coordinates the overall marketing strategy, campaign design and implementation. She is a social media influencer with degrees in business and design. 

Our Mission

To provide excellent Behavioral and Emotional Health care across the nation by connecting patients with providers; While providing excellent customer service, along with superior support and technical services to our customers, providers, and care partners.


Our Governing Philosophy  


Be kind, sensitive and helpful.   Listen first, ask clarifying questions, and gather information; Then provide an honest, reasoned, and considerate answer.