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Our company's guiding principles may be a little different that other practices, platforms, or networks you have worked for in the past. We don't subscribe to the "quantity over quality" mentality of modern medicine... we don't bill insurance companies and don’t require billing codes. We pay a competitive hourly wage, allow time for charting, and offer bonuses for practitioners that are licensed in multiple states. 

We want to ensure that both the patients and practitioners time are respected and appreciated. Registering your account is easy and the credentialing process is reduced to confirming your identity (via a government issued ID, e.g., Passport or Driver’s License), verifying your licenses / state registrations and malpractice insurance.

Lastly, we don’t restrict you to just our service. We designed the platform as a way for practitioners to enhance their income by offering an alternative revenue stream. You set your office hours and control your own schedule, giving you the opportunity to fill the gaps in your day. 

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Our mission includes getting help to the people that need it the most. In order to ensure low income, homeless and sheltered patients get the care they need, we offer the TelePsycRX software to non-profit and state sponsored organizations at greatly reduced fees. We provide access for your organizations care team, including practitioners, case managers and aid workers. The non-profit package includes access to our secure network, client notes, video chat services, audio & video recoding's of sessions.*

Contact our non-profit team for additional information and pricing. 

To further our mission, we anticipate creating a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to low-income individuals and underserved populations, The TelePsycRX charity will likely be delayed until the Fall, 2022.


Donations to this charity will be used to provide low-income and under insured people access to our services. Additionally, in coordination with other non-profit groups, we anticipate donating video streaming devices or other network architecture to increase access in underserved areas.


This organization will be chaired by leading cooperate executives, prominent behavioral health practitioners and other philanthropists.  

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* Video and Audio recordings are retained for 10 days for practitioners to review session, internal auditing and quality assurance.