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Developing Our Emotional Intelligence

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Lots of people boast about having a high IQ, and rightfully so, as it is generally accepted as a measure of intelligence, logic and reasoning. However, another key to modern society is developing our emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is defined as our ability to understand of ourselves, our motivations, and emotions; along with the ability to empathize and recognize the emotional state of others. Having and developing these traits can have great benefits for your life.

Knowing yourself seems like such an easy task, you are with yourself all the time! The truth is that we rarely take the time to analyze our emotions, reactions, and decisions or to pause long enough to evaluate ourselves. When we develop our emotional intelligence, we can use it along with our logical thinking to make more informed decisions or change how we react to events.

One of the many tools that can be useful as we try to develop these skills is the practice of mindfulness. At its essence, mindfulness is the conscious practice of living in the moment. Letting thoughts and emotions enter your consciousness and evaluating them before reacting to them. This practice can help reveal some deeper motivations or issues that you weren’t aware were impacting your decisions.

You may find developing your emotional intelligence isn’t as easy as expected, but the benefits can really improve your quality of life. A better understanding of yourself and the people around you will give your leadership skills a boost. Your personal relationships can develop a new level of understanding and communication.

If you find yourself struggling, it may be beneficial to seek some professional counseling for some additional guidance.

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