I'm bullied often. How can I cope with it?

It may come as a surprise to many that bullying happens to children of all ages in every part of the world!

It is often dismissed with phrases like, "We were just fooling!" Or "It wasn't serious, it was just a joke!" This is not something to laugh about! Nor should it be dismissed as 'harmless'.

Bullying, in any form, has serious and dangerous consequences for both the body and the mind . So why does it happen? Bullying happens for literally any reason, but these reasons generally tend to center around anything that is perceived as different. The important thing to know is that it is Not your fault!

Bullying can often make you feel like you have no control of improving the situation, that is Not true! Or that fighting the bully is the only way out, but that's Not true either! Fighting back may cause even more problems that are harder to escape from.

Here are tips that countless individuals have found helpful:

1. Never Forget:

It is Not your fault and you are Not alone.

2. Be Prepared:

Think of what you will say beforehand and practice saying them with confidence. Sometimes the situation can be calmed by using comedy. But if your speech is harsh or mean it will only make things worse. So keep it peaceful, but confidently firm.

3. Think Ahead:

Are there places and situations where bullying happens on a regular basis? Can these places and situations be avoided? If not, be willing to walk away when bullying occurs.

4. Remember the Dos & Don'ts:

DO: Take a friend with you as you walk from place to place, Label your belongings, Only bring cash for lunch one day at a time, Tell a trusted adult

DON'T: Take expensive items to school or large amounts of cash.

'Sticks and Stones' may cause hurt, but a bully's actions and words can last a lifetime! Just remember the common thread.... Both have the ability to heal over time. So Never Give Up!

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