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Physical Activity and Mental Health

At TelePsycRX, we understand that behavioral health isn’t something that can be improved with one simple change. Treating the mind, body and soul are all keys to helping us heal and overcome emotional obstacles in our lives. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to understand the like between physical activity and mental health.

Often, we are overly critical of ourselves, but just a few changes can help improve our outlook. Even a small amount of exercise each day can help improve our moods by releasing endorphins and other natural “feel good” hormones. Additionally, the inner feeling of accomplishment you get from achieving each small goal is a boost to yourself confidence.

Another benefit, especially if you exercise with others is allowing yourself to “play.” While it may sound a little childish or unprofessional, being challenged in a safe, playful and encouraging activity will help boost your self-confidence and build relationships. Learning the body language of others while engaged in a fun activity will help you better relate with co-workers and new acquaintances.

While you may struggle to get started, failure is both normal and part of the growth process. Don’t be hard on yourself, be proud of the start you made and stay focused on the positive. The U.S. Department of Health along with the CDC have published a great guide for getting started. Click here for the CDC’s Physical Activity Basics web page.

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