Stress and Anxiety

We all have periods of stress, pressure, and anxiety in our lives. The leadership team at TelePsycRX has worked with patients, case managers, therapists and practitioners for decades to help our patients manage the stress in their lives. While there are medications that can help with stress and anxiety, we also wanted to pass along some of the tips that have helped our patients.

One of the most recommended methods of treating stress is to start meditating and practicing mindfulness. These exercises help keep you in the present moment, helping to release stress from past events and calm anxiety about the future. Mindfulness teaches you to be kind to yourself, to evaluate your thoughts and learn to tune out the overly critical ones. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a great (free) mindfulness app available on Android and IPhone.

Another good tool is to exercise and “burn off” some of that extra anxiety energy. Take a walk or do some lite stretching at your desk. Even just a little exercise can release endorphins to brighten your mood and give you a little time to think over the things that are causing your stress.

Take some time to evaluate your situation and look for the things you have control over. Focus for a minute on those things, then make a plan… sometimes just that little bit of forward momentum can get you back on track.

The last tip is to lean on your social network for support. Spending time with family and friends can help you blow off steam, giving you an opportunity to express your frustrations. They can help you see solutions to problems or point out your overly critical self-judgments.

Always remember, if you are feeling desperate and need someone to talk too, you can call the National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, any day, 24/7.

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