Community Solutions

Welcome to Our Community Solutions



Here at TelePsycRX we are not just another company

We are a community


We're dedicated to assisting it any way we can to achieve better mental health for all!


Here you will have the most updated information on community events such as Raffles and monthly community Treasure Shares. We also include free downloadable pdf documents. These activities are made from individuals who wanted to share what has helped them personally. Each individual has the right to use in a way that they decide will help them.


As our community continues to grow, we will continue to add new events! Below is a description of the current events that we will be holding

Community Treasure Share 

This is monthly opportunity for everyone to have a voice in all that happens to them durring the month, both the good and the bad

It also provides an opportunity for everyone to comment on treasures(answers to the questions on the free pdf documents) that are shared

Our monthly guest hosts for the next year will be a mental health professional that is part of our network

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Here is How to participate


Fill out and sumit the RSVP form 

(None of your information is given away or sold)


On this page are two free downloadable pdf documents


Fill in your answers to the questions as you choose, handwritten or typed


Go to our YouTube channel for for the "live stream"event entitled "community Treasure share (Month,Year)


Enter the monthly event of your choice in the active chat

(You are free to mention your name or use an anonymous name)


Respond to each discussion as you choose 

(We take very seriously the right to free speech. However, free speech can be free and respectful at the same time )


RSVP to Community Treasure Share
TelePsycRX will soon host Group Therapy Sessions. Would you like to receive information as it is available?

Thank you!

Our community Treasure Share events will continue to improve over time.

Although our Community Treasure Share is not considered a medical session, our guest host and primary host are in these events to offer practical suggestions from personal experience and always a listening, non-judgemental ear.

Our main messages are that you are never alone and that we care! 


Our raffles are on donatation basis

The future we're reaching for involves the prevention of suicide and violence in our physical communities and schools

Here is how to participate 


1. Fill out and sumit our form with at least the base donation or more.

Make sure you indicate at least two items that you are entering for 

2. Complete the financial transaction for the entry

3. Fill in your answers to the questions as you choose, handwritten or typed

4. Collect your winnings!

All winnings are shipped to the individual(s)​ selected

(Depending on location an additional charge may be needed for shipping cost )

Raffle items include high ticket items like top quality backpacks and coffee mugs to lower ticket items like pens and notepads combos.

Each raffle lasts no longer than one month and all donations go to the cause we are passionate about