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The Community Treasure Share Q&A

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December 20,2022

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What is the Community Treasure Share?

This is a monthly opportunity for everyone to have a voice in all that happens to them during the month, both the good and the bad. If sharing is not easy, then feel free to ask any questions that will help with coping with anxiety, depression, and the like without committing to a full session.

It also provides an opportunity to meet the providers contracted with us and for everyone to ask questions about the specialist in mental health co-hosting to get to know them better.

The provider for this month is especially unique. She was among the original mental health specialists that assisted in the care offered to the students of Columbine High School in the aftermath of that horrible tragedy. Dedication to her patients is shown by her holistic approach to treatment.

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Maria Geraci

Provider working with TelePsycRX 

I am a Board Certified Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I view each client as a Holistic being. Together we can explore the mind, body, and spirit for empowerment of living a healthy and full life. I utilize evidence based, complementary mental health modalities, traditional psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy to compose an individualized treatment plan for best results. As a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I can prescribe and monitor your traditional medications and order labs or testing from a holistic perspective.


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